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Growing businesses need processes

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It’s one of the perils of growth – the bigger your business gets, the more it will cost you to be inefficient. The costs stack up not just in lost time, but also in employee frustration and the potential for error. Your IT infrastructure is a critical area where efficient processes can make a huge difference to your bottom line, so it’s worth investing some time in getting them right.

Document everything

Solid documentation about your technology will ensure that your business is easy to support and that changes can be managed smoothly and with minimal risk. Don’t let all the information about how your technology works be kept solely inside the IT manager’s head.

Make documentation accessible

Hundreds of random files dotted here there and everywhere around your business is sometimes worse than no documentation at all. Templates tell your users what information you would like to be recorded, and in what format, and a clear file structure makes sure that everyone knows where this information is to be stored.

Automate your workflow

If you sit down and analyse what your people do on a daily basis, you might be surprised by how much time is wasted on mundane tasks. A great place to start is the touch points between departments: look at how they are sharing information to see if there are any quick wins to be had. Ensuring that your workflow makes sense, but also automating the low-level elements, will free up your people to do things technology can’t do: like building relationships, strategy planning, or thinking laterally.

Ask your staff

The biggest question we take to every quarterly review with our customers is “If you could fix one thing today – what would it be?” Ask this of your staff. Get a consensus. Act on it.

Think about customisation

Getting your business applications to work together seamlessly often requires customisation to adapt to the way you do business. A good development partner that understands your business and your systems can be an invaluable asset.

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