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Can’t move to the cloud? A hybrid solution could be just right for your growing business.

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A recent study found that UK SMEs are the second largest users of cloud services, just marginally behind the USA: and ‘heavy users’ of cloud software achieved far higher revenue growth and more than double the profit of those using fewer cloud products.

 So should I move my business to the cloud?

Based on these headlines, this is often the question business owners find themselves pondering, with understandable concerns. In fact, your business probably already makes use of a number of cloud services, and the question you should really be asking is not ‘Should I move?’ but ‘Which elements of my business would benefit from a cloud set-up?’

Some services will always be best kept on your premises, such as old legacy systems that won’t work in a cloud environment; data subject to regulations about storage or disposal; or services that require working with large files that don’t need to be shared.

 Hybrid cloud: the best of both worlds

Advances in connectivity and integration between systems mean that for most businesses, a hybrid cloud set up will be the ideal solution: a mixture of their own infrastructure, private and public cloud systems.

Here are our top reasons why a hybrid solution might be the best approach for your growing business:

  • You get the best of both worlds – business-critical data or legacy systems on your own infrastructure, with high availability from anywhere for cloud-based systems
  • You can reduce the amount of investment you need to make in your own infrastructure while still being flexible enough to accommodate busy periods and spikes in demand
  • You can retire old hardware gradually as it becomes obsolete and move to the cloud, minimising wasted expenditure
  • You can take advantage of the best platforms and software without costly deployment projects
  • New offices, smaller outposts or remote workers can use cloud to access business systems without investment in local hardware, making it easer and cheaper to grow your business
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