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Growth means crossing new boundaries – here’s how your technology can help

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With every stage of growth, your business crosses new boundaries.

You open a new office in a different city, or a chain of them. You partner with an organisation in a different country, send some workers abroad, or set up a new international office. You diversify into a new sector, with new ways of working, or make acquisitions. Whatever the boundary you’re crossing, making the transition smoothly requires thinking about a few specific technology issues.

Getting Connected

Don’t stint on your Internet connection. The world of teleconferencing, unified communications and online collaboration is here, and investing in a faster, more reliable connection will increase your productivity, and open up new ways of working with your colleagues, your customers and your suppliers.


Collaboration isn’t just about business information. Building your company culture as you grow means using tools to help people feel connected. This might mean social platforms or messaging tools, or cloud platforms that allow real-time collaboration on the same documents.

Business Anywhere

Enabling your people to do the same job from a different location, whether inside or outside the company network, requires some intelligent thinking. Smart network and security and remote access means whether they’re on a smartphone or laptop, your people can get the job done. This might involve cloud applications, file replication or document management systems depending on your business needs.

Go Visual

Nothing beats a face to face meeting, but as you grow it just can’t always be done. Desktop tools offer easy access, multi-point video conferencing that is very affordable, while top end telepresence solutions offer an immersive experience that really has to be seen to be believed.


Collaborating with a remote team, whether they are in another time zone, another city, or another room needs standardisation. You need to make sure your staff are using the same systems and most crucially that they are using them in the same way. This starts with documentation and succeeds through education.

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