Creating a sustainable business

Technology for sustainable businesses

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65% of people around the world want to work for an organisation with a powerful social conscience.

PwC Future of Work – A journey to 2022

The days of greenwash are over – sustainable business is about so much more than just recycling paper.

Being a sustainable business can have a real positive impact on your bottom line. To be truly sustainable, a business needs to balance the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit, taking into account the long-term effects of its activities on each of the three. Technology can be a key enabling factor, but can also have one of the greatest impacts on whether a business is truly sustainable.

Energy consumption

Reducing energy consumption is both environmentally and commercially sensible. Advances in technology mean modern hardware and software are more energy efficient than their predecessors, and new approaches such as virtualisation can save maintenance costs and licensing fees as well as energy. Cloud services remove the need to run your own energy-hungry infrastructure, as well as improving your resilience.

Smarter working

Technologies such as video conferencing and collaboration tools reduce travel requirements, shrinking both your carbon footprint and your costs whilst bringing your people closer together. Working flexibly can also improve employee engagement and reduces “slack” time.

Technology choices

All servers are not created equal. Many manufacturers are making efforts to reduce the use of hazardous or rare materials in their hardware – and proper disposal, following the WEEE Directive, can make a huge difference to your old hardware’s environmental impact.

Flexible working could cut costs by 3bn/year for businesses, and save 3 million tonnes of carbon.

The Carbon Trust – Homeworking Report 2014

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