How to set up an Exchange mailbox on an Apple or Android Device (Tip from the Helpdesk)

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In this age of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD),  people often want to have their work emails on their personal mobile devices. On the whole, this is great as it has the potential to improve productivity and the ability to work remotely or deal with urgent matters at any time (although there are some caveats – see our posts on data security and happy employees, for example).

But how do you set up your Office365 mailbox on your phone? Below is a quick how-to guide created by our engineers.

On Android devices – (the screenshots were taken on an Xperia Z5 so the steps might vary slightly on other devices)

1. Go to your Android Phone settings and select Accounts.

2. Select Add Account.

3. Select Exchange ActiveSync.


Setting up Exchange on an Android device - screenshots


4. Type your email address.

5. Type in your password.

6. You may be asked if you want to enable Push – this means that new messages will be sent to your device automatically, on a regular basis. As each push uses mobile data if you’re not connected to wi-fi, you may wish to set this to manual if you’re on a limited data plan.


Setting up Exchange mailbox on Android device - screenshots



On Apple devices

1. Tap Settings

2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendar

3. Select Add Account

4. Tap Exchange

5. Enter your full email address and computer password


Setting up Exchange on Apple device - screen shots


Ta da, all your work emails available on the go! But do make sure you’re not checking them all the time.