Diagram to represent hybrid cloud infrastructure

Everybody’s talking about…..hybrid cloud

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2015 was a year of enormous growth for hybrid cloud, and it’s not likely to let up any time soon: a study by IDC found that 91 per cent of IT decision makers expect to be relying on hybrid cloud setups by 2017.

So while we’re talking about hybrid cloud, a couple of interesting white papers have come our way on the subject: the first one from Forrester was published towards the end of last year, looking at hybrid cloud adoption across 150 French, German, US, and UK IT decision-makers. The results bear out our thoughts on the subject, namely that there is more and more confidence in hybrid cloud solutions as the way forward for almost all types of business.

While each business will differ in terms of which services are appropriate to put in the cloud (see our past blog post on the subject) the study showed that in the broad areas of backup and recovery, databases, high-performance computing, commerce software and enterprise content management there was a strong move to transitioning to the cloud across almost all the businesses surveyed.

The Forrester report points out that this changes the role of the IT department from a service provider to a service broker, helping the organisation to maximise the value it gets from the various cloud services through standardisations and efficiency.

The second report, from IDG Research and EMC, discusses the role of hybrid cloud in helping businesses deliver services digitally for their customers. The report points to the benefits of hybrid cloud in making it possible for businesses to be more agile and flexible, as well as reducing their costs – on average, those surveyed had reduced their costs by 24 per cent. As the report says:

“By automating administrative tasks, providing self-service access to infrastructure, and applications, and dramatically boosting the scalability, availability and utilisation of IT resources, hybrid cloud maximises an organisation’s flexibility and speed to market while lowering operational costs.”

So whether your business has a digital transformation of its offering in mind or not, it seems that you can’t ignore the power of the hybrid cloud for long.

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