Go Green

Going Green early in the morning

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Last Wednesday, some of us got up bright and early to attend 2016’s first Go Green Business Breakfast, hosted by UWE on Bristol’s harbourside. After tucking into some tea, fresh pastries and fruit skewers, and some networking to clear the cobwebs away, we settled in for the presentations.

Kicking off the morning’s presentations, Ian Brooks – senior lecturer in Sustainable IT at UWE – talked about the dark side of IT, and the threat poor IT decisions can pose to the public image and revenue of businesses, to human health and human rights, and last but certainly not least, to the environment. After highlighting the potential pitfalls businesses face when making decisions about their IT, Ian stressed the importance of gaining knowledge about the lifecycle of IT products, about responsible recycling, and introduced innovative answers companies like Fairphone and Google devised to lengthen the life expectancy of mobile phones.

Barney Smith then went on to talk about the successes he has had cutting back operating costs and dramatically reducing the carbon footprint of the organisations he has headed up during his career. Monitoring and measuring the cost of IT, the challenges and opportunities business face when managing IT, and the importance of employee training and engagement were all key points touched upon.

Then, our very own Edmund took to the stage, detailing the questions and concerns our clients have when considering implementing green IT policies. To tackle the challenge outlined, he listed some short, medium and long term actions for SME’s distilling down his presentation to a 5 point Action Plan:

  • Measure and monitor
  • Empower
  • Reduce
  • Buy Smarter
  • Plan well

Once the presentations wrapped up, all three speakers engaged in a lively Q & A Session. To see the presentations from the day, use the links in the text above or click here to go to the Go Green Slideshare page.

And if you want to talk about how you can reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills through technology, then do get in touch: 0117 974 5179 or hello@stripeolt.com.