Meet the Team – John Oudot, Account Manager

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What do you do all day?

My role is to keep on top of our client accounts, relationships, requirements and the service we deliver, contributing towards how we go to market, connecting up the dots between our internal departments, whilst also looking to reduce the grey hairs on Mark’s head.

What did you do before Stripe OLT?

8 years in the B2B IT / tech space taking products, solutions and services to market, connecting marketing with sales and managing key accounts and relationships for a variety of different clients, from Oracle, Salesforce, IBM and Accenture, right down to bespoke 3 man start up’s and most things in between. Prior to my arrival into the tech space, I led a relatively colourful life in the music and creative industries.


Creativity – eccentricity – Synthesizers (pre 1984) – living a life less ordinary.


Heights, snoring, getting older, oysters.

Did you know?

I’ve tour managed Motörhead – That was hard work.

Would Like To Meet

David Bowie (but that ship has now sadly sailed).