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Supporting creative growth at OTM (Case Study)

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OTM is a leading brand and communications agency based in the heart of London, working with prestigious clients such as ITV, RBS, BOC, Cartoon Network and Britax. We have worked with OTM since 2007 as their fully outsourced IT suppliers, supporting their growth by planning and managing all their technology infrastructure.

“The Stripe OLT team are our go-to people for everything technical,” explains David Childs, OTM Director. “They completely understand our business, which means they offer us excellent strategic advice as well as supporting our day to day needs.”

Cloud and on-premise

As an agency with a strong design offer, OTM’s network needs to be able to cope with extremely large image and video files, so access and storage are a priority in all our technology planning. For this reason, we advised them not to use cloud for their primary file storage but rely on in-house hardware to maximise their day to day efficiency. However, moving to Office365’s cloud solution for email means accessing messages anywhere in the world is now faster and more efficient, and helps keep their hardware needs to a minimum.

Infrastructure upgrade

To further improve productivity, we recently upgraded the OTM servers to modern, energy efficient units that support virtualisation, reducing their total number of servers from five to two and making it much easier to maintain separate systems without any downtime. By working closely with OTM’s management team, we also ensured that this new infrastructure has sufficient capacity to meet the company’s planned growth, thus reducing the likelihood of further capital expenditure in the medium term.

Backup and disaster recovery

Backup and disaster recovery are crucial for a business such as OTM that stores client work and files on customers’ behalf, so we implemented a secure cloud backup for disaster recovery, as well as local backup in order to be able to roll back or retrieve overwritten files quickly in an emergency. This minimises any costly downtime associated with errors such as deleting or overwriting important files. To ensure that storage costs are kept down, we worked with OTM’s account teams and their ProAd job management software to design a standardised file structure, complete with multi-level permissions, that is created automatically every time a new job is raised. This integrates with their business processes so all OTM people know where each file is kept and eliminates file duplications and version control issues.

“As a busy creative team we really appreciate the reliable foundation that Stripe OLT’s infrastructure provides,” continues David Childs. “We know we can depend on them to give us a clear, practical solution to every challenge that will align with our business priorities.

“Working with OTM over the past nine years means we have built up a solid, trusted relationship and an in-depth understanding of their business,” explains Alex Eley, Stripe OLT Director. “This means that whether it’s day to day support or planning for the next five years, we are always working in partnership to help OTM achieve its business objectives.”

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