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Keep even the newest malware out of your business with the power of machine learning – Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection

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If you’re in charge of keeping malicious software out of your organisation, you know that even the best anti-virus and spam filters won’t always catch every single dodgy email. Previously, anti-virus and malware filters only recognised malware that had already been identified and logged by cybersecurity experts, which means that there was always a time lag between a new piece of malware becoming active, and your anti-virus filters being able to recognise and block it. As instances of hacking grow ever more frequent, however, there’s more and more chance that your business could fall prey to a zero-day piece of malware.

Protect against Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

A zero-day attack is one that gets in through a vulnerability that hasn’t been seen before – in the case of email threats, a dodgy link or attachment that hasn’t been used before and therefore won’t be picked up by filters that rely on recognising it from previous incarnations.  And once the email containing the malware is in your user’s inbox, there’s a high risk that it will accidentally be opened and infect your organisation’s network. (For tips on helping your users recognise dodgy emails, read our post: Help your users keep viruses and malware out of your business.)

But now Microsoft has deployed an additional layer of protection for Exchange and Office365 customers – Exchange Online Advanced Threat ProtectionThis software analyses the behavioural patterns of the vast quantities of email traffic being sent across the Microsoft Exchange Online platform, and uses machine learning to predict whether attachments or links are likely to be suspicious. It does this by detecting out of the ordinary elements and small anomalies about the email, links or attachmentsThis means you are much better protected from zero-day attacks, and users are far less likely to see suspicious emails dropping into their inbox.

The tool also offers a quarantining system for questionable emails, as well as a real-time link scanning feature, which kicks in as a user clicks. If a link is unsafe, the user is warned not to visit the site or informed that the site has been blocked. With the built in reporting dashboard, you can also track exactly what kinds of attacks your business is facing, see if any members of staff are being specifically targeted, and keep an eye on those who are most likely to click yes to offers of free speedboats or videos of adorable red pandas playing in the snow.

No deployment costs

There’s no cost to set up this service as it can just be added to your existing Office365 subscription – and with a price tag of just £1.30 per user/month, we would strongly recommend that businesses using Office365 take up this cost-effective solution to protect themselves from zero-day threats and new, ever more malicious attacks.

If you want Microsoft Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection for your business, just drop us an email at or give us a buzz on 0117 9745179/020 7043 7044 .