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How to remove Cortana from your taskbar in Windows 10 (Tip from the Helpdesk)

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We have waxed lyrical about the benefits of Windows 10 in a previous post, not the least impressive of which is having the option of a voice-controlled personal assistant at your beck and call.

While Cortana is not quite as cool as JARVIS, she is capable of composing emails for you, searching the web, setting reminders and finding apps and files on your PC. (This of course does mean that she stores and sends search information back to Microsoft for analysis.)

If however, you’d rather find your own way around Windows, you can easily switch her off and reclaim precious task bar space. Indeed, we found that many of our customers who opt not to use Cortana’s features still have the application on and taking up space on their task bar.

 taskbar w cortana

Hiding your friendly neighbourhood virtual PA

By simply clicking the taskbar, hovering over Cortana and selecting Hidden, you can get rid of the search box and free up space for the myriad application icons all of us have open at any given minute of the workday!

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