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Rescuing an office management company from disaster – Case Study

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  • A 250 seat building in Central London was set to lose internet and telecoms access with only 48 hours’ notice
  • We completed a full audit and documentation of the Local Area Network in 24 hours
  • It took us only 48 hours to install a 50Mbps Wireless Internet connection
  • We installed a 276 seat multi-tenanted telephone system within 72 hours

Our client, the management company for a large office building on one of London’s most high profile streets, was facing disaster. Due to contractual issues with their IT provider, their internet and other connectivity as well as all IT support were due to be cancelled on a Friday with less than 48 hours’ notice.

Satellite broadband installed in less than 48 hours

This meant that over 50 different building tenants would start the following working week with no phones and no connectivity, putting not just the management company but also each of those businesses at grave risk. We swung into action within hours of being contacted, with a team of engineers sent to the building on Saturday to audit the entire building infrastructure and come up with a solution to restore connectivity. By working with our partners Luminet, we were able to install satellite broadband on the roof and have a high speed internet connection ready for Monday morning. Our engineers worked round the clock through the weekend to ensure that all tenants’ IT infrastructure was configured correctly, so that all businesses were connected in time for work to begin on the Monday.

New phone system specified and installed over a weekend

Once basic connectivity had been restored, we were notified that the phone systems were also due to be deactivated. Once again we worked closely with our partners Cavendish Communications to specify and deploy a new phone system for the entire building in less than 48 hours – an outstanding turnaround.

“One of the biggest challenges was understanding the building’s technology infrastructure with no documentation and no handover” commented Tom Robbins, Senior Project Engineer at Stripe OLT. “It was also vital to support all the tenants effectively through what was a very difficult time for them, providing reassurance as well as creative technical solutions to help them work normally.”

The project was a great example of our team pulling out all the stops to help a customer in need, keeping all the building tenants and the building management company working despite some tricky challenges.

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