Stripe OLT illustration of streamlined processes by TinCat Design

Does your IT supplier really understand your line of business? Four reasons to find out.

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If you’re on the hunt for a new IT supplier, it’s tempting to think that one is very like another, and that as long as they support your chosen infrastructure (Do you work on Macs or PCs? Do they understand Linux?) and the price is right, that’s all you need to know.

In fact, it’s worth finding out whether they have experience in supporting organisations like yours, for a number of reasons. For example, here at Stripe OLT we have extensive experience in working with creative, digital and marketing agencies, as well as leisure attractions, architects and recruitment companies, and we know that each industry presents its own particular needs.

As David Childs of OTM points out: “The Stripe OLT team completely understand our business, which means they offer us excellent strategic advice as well as supporting our day to day needs.”

So here are four good reasons why you should ask prospective suppliers what they know about your industry:

  1. Every industry has different needs, priorities and processes, all of which need to be reflected in your IT strategy. For example, a highly mobile marketing agency workforce often needs secure access to files and information from a huge variety of devices. Furthermore, file sizes in the marketing industry tend to be larger due their use of design, photography and video, which has important implications for storage, backup and disaster recovery. By understanding these processes, your IT provider can contribute significant value to your business as well as providing the technical foundations.
  2. Each industry has industry-specific software that might need to run on your infrastructure. Working with a supplier that has experience of this software makes it much easier to ensure that it will run smoothly and that any infrastructure plans or changes take its needs into account. For example, we partner with PROAD, which provides agency management software to the marketing/creative, architecture and consulting industries. This partnership means we know the product inside out, and can ensure that it runs at maximum efficiency.
  3. While every organisation needs to protect its data, there are variations across industries in terms of priorities and levels of access. Some sectors work in wide interdisciplinary teams, making it important that access is readily available across the business while still maintaining the integrity and security of the data. Other more regulated or competitive sectors rely on close supervision of exactly who has access to each specific data record or file to maintain their competitive advantage.
  4. All industries have distinct personalities, ways of behaving, and etiquettes. Finding a supplier who understands these, aligns with them, and can strike up strong working relationships with your people is invaluable.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help your business grow with reliable technology, or about PROAD agency software, give us a call on 0117 974 5179 or 020 7043 7044, or drop us a line: