Jay Fraser, Stripe OLT Finance Manager

Meet the Team – Jay Fraser, Finance Manager

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Key responsibilities:

Management of key financial functions, working closely with directors to evolve company processes. Pulling some unexpected dance moves during office hours.

I’m good at:

Subtle office dancing, nicknames, coffee appreciation, analysis, making the ledger balance, strange music, throwing a good party.

What did you do before Stripe OLT?

After studying accounting at business school in Tasmania, I spent 9 years working for local software company Natsoft where I learned about Unix, C++ and how to make a small fortune. One day my employer, the enigmatic Craig Wilson let me in on a little secret –
CW: “Jay, do you know how to make a small fortune?”
Me: “No”
CW: “You start with a big one and buy an airplane”.
Me: “Ok”
I then set out in search of my fortune, moving to Halls Creek in outback Australia not far from Wolf Creek before travelling Europe and living in the French Alps and Paris during 2009 then touched down in the UK in early 2010 and started working for OLT shortly after. I must soon be due for long service leave!


Musicology, gastronomy, cosmology, philosophy, community, comedy, art, language.


Tantrums, apathy, disengagement.

Did you know?

I almost met Bob Dylan in New Orleans 2006, I met his banjo player instead and then bumped into Elvis Costello, after a brief chat about Tasmania I gave him my demo CD, it was terrible but he kindly placed it in his briefcase.

Would Like To Meet:

My doppelgänger, Pythagoras