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Dear Customers…

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Public letter to all Stripe OLT Customers:

Dear Customers,

You’ll have heard about the recent ransomware outbreaks on the NHS and other organisation over the past couple of days.

Although we’ve been dealing with similar ransomware outbreaks over the past several months and our advice has not changed, the particular danger of this attack is that if it gets into your network and encrypts your computer, it can also spread to all unprotected computers in the network: there’s a worm in the apple.

If you suspect that your computer has been infected then please disconnect it immediately from the network – unplug the network cable or disable wireless (enable flight mode) and then contact Stripe OLT helpdesk on 020 7043 7044.

For this infection to start, someone has to open an infected website or email attachment.  So, the first advice is to be extra vigilant about unexpected emails.  Don’t open any attachment you’re not expecting or aren’t sure about.  From what we are hearing, some of the attachments are marked “invoice”.

The second step is to make sure your computer is up to date with security patching. Unfortunately, no amount of patching will prevent your computer being encrypted if you open an infected file but the patches may stop it spreading:

  • If Windows Update on your computer asks you to install patches then please push them through.
  • If you want to check, open Windows Update and click: check for updates from Microsoft.  There are likely some patches which are not yet installed – if you want to be sure, install all the security updates.

There’s lots of information online about is but Reuters has a good synopsis.

In the meantime, we’re working round the clock to ensure that your PCs are protected with the latest patches from Microsoft but we know that this attack could continue to develop and require additional fixes so please be on your guard and don’t click on anything you’re not sure about.

Keep safe,
Team Stripe OLT