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Meet the Team – Jay Fraser, Finance Manager

Jay Fraser, Stripe OLT Finance Manager

Key responsibilities: Management of key financial functions, working closely with directors to evolve company processes. Pulling some unexpected dance moves during office hours. I’m good at: Subtle office dancing, nicknames, coffee appreciation, analysis, making the ledger balance, strange music, throwing a good party. What did you do before Stripe OLT? After studying accounting at business […]


Rise of the machines? New research from McKinsey


As technology keeps evolving, more and more attention is being paid to the question of whether robots will be taking over our jobs in the near future – and what we will do if and when they do. Focusing on this issue, McKinsey recently published the results of their research into which sectors and roles […]


Control shadow IT – or embrace it?


This week, we’re trying very hard not to think about the EU referendum, despite it being all anyone is talking about. So rather than discussing the relative merits of whether we should be voting in or out, who did best on the debate, and which campaign has behaved badly, we thought we’d distract ourselves from […]


Everybody’s talking about…..hybrid cloud

Diagram to represent hybrid cloud infrastructure

2015 was a year of enormous growth for hybrid cloud, and it’s not likely to let up any time soon: a study by IDC found that 91 per cent of IT decision makers expect to be relying on hybrid cloud setups by 2017. So while we’re talking about hybrid cloud, a couple of interesting white […]


How many of your daily tasks could be automated?


I’ve been re-reading a really interesting piece from McKinsey from the end of last year, about automating business tasks and processes. We’re used to reading articles about humans being replaced with robots, in more or less alarmist tones. Opinions vary, with Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne in Oxford saying that 47% of occupations could be automated within […]


Meet the Team – Kevin Ya, Network Engineer

Kevin Ya, Stripe OLT Network Engineer

What do you do all day? Provide outstanding IT support. What are you good at? Staying positive, games, annoying others! What did you do before Stripe OLT? Worked for three years at another outsourced IT company in Oxfordshire. Likes? Music festivals, gaming, films, piano, people, spaghetti, KFC, Japan, air rifles, showers, sleeping. Dislikes? Extremely moody […]


Case study: How we helped Cyton Biosciences move offices for the second time


“Stripe OLT had already moved us once extremely smoothly, so we were confident they could do it again” says David Parry, Technical Director at Cyton Biosciences. “They’ve been our IT support company for around ten years now, so they’ve been the obvious choice whenever we’ve needed to move.” Cyton Biosciences is an award-winning pharmaceutical consultancy […]