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Starleaf launch next generation video conferencing & UC

Starleaf App

Exciting news this week:  new Starleaf apps are a game changer for desktop and mobile comms. We’re used to having separate apps for IM chat (Slack, Whatsapp), group messaging (email, Yammer), phone calls (softphone, Skype etc) and video conferencing but Starleaf have brought all these together on the Starleaf Cloud. For business customers, this brings WhatsApp type usability under the corporate umbrella with advanced […]


Video Conferencing: how do you like yours?


We’ve been weaving through the evolution of video conferencing for a decade and more but never has it been more available than now.  Standards have improved, connectivity is ever-present and it’s affordable.  Time to get on board then… Well, we’ve also been a bit traumatised by it: nightmares trying to get connected between different systems, on different networks, using […]


Dear Customers…

wannacry illustration

Public letter to all Stripe OLT Customers: Dear Customers, You’ll have heard about the recent ransomware outbreaks on the NHS and other organisation over the past couple of days. Although we’ve been dealing with similar ransomware outbreaks over the past several months and our advice has not changed, the particular danger of this attack is that if […]


Power for the people – performance management for Remote Desktop Servces


Remote Desktop Services has long provided a convenient and efficient way to enable remote offices and remote workers to access company applications and data. Remote Desktop enables staff to work flexibly from almost any device while still maintaining a productive working environment and containing valuable corporate data within the corporate network. However, modern applications can […]


Building collaboration into your business

colleagues collaborating at table

Any business leader knows that one of the keys to a successful company lies in building highly collaborative teams. There is increasing evidence that it is peoples’ ability to collaborate, rather than their individual skills and attributes, that determine much of their performance at work. But collaboration is not just a matter of getting the […]


Ten reasons to keep sustainable technology on the agenda [INFOGRAPHIC]

Go green infographic featured image

As proud Prove It members of the Go Green Network, we try always to build sustainability into our recommendations for our clients. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a few statistics we think underline why sustainable technology should be on every business leader’s agenda, including saving money through energy efficiency and improved productivity. If you’d […]