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Cloud adoption at its best – Unique Sports Management (case study)

Whereas a few years ago a common pattern for growing organisations was to progress from standalone machines to their own on-premise infrastructure, these days a more usual narrative is for companies to be cloud-based from the beginning. There are huge advantages to moving straight to a fully cloud-based set up, including keeping costs low and […]


Power for the people – performance management for Remote Desktop Servces

Remote Desktop Services has long provided a convenient and efficient way to enable remote offices and remote workers to access company applications and data. Remote Desktop enables staff to work flexibly from almost any device while still maintaining a productive working environment and containing valuable corporate data within the corporate network. However, modern applications can […]


Starleaf launch next generation video conferencing & UC

Exciting news this week: new Starleaf apps are a game changer for desktop and mobile comms. We’re used to having separate apps for IM chat (Slack, Whatsapp), group messaging (email, Yammer), phone calls (softphone, Skype etc) and video conferencing but Starleaf have brought all these together on the Starleaf Cloud. For business customers, this brings […]


Why we’ve committed to being a Living Wage Employer

Stripe OLT is now a Living Wage Employer - logo

It’s official – we’ve gone through the accreditation process, got our plaque through the post, and we are now a Living Wage Employer.  But what does it mean to be a Living Wage employer, and why have we taken the time to do it? The Living Wage commitment means that all our permanent employees will […]


Are your people focusing on what’s important to your business?

Illustrated people to represent blog post on using people more effectively by Mark Dale, Director at Stripe OLT

“Another reason for optimism about demand for human workers is that, increasingly, they provide the competitive edge. “ This sentence jumped out at me the other day. It’s from an essay by Steve Bainbridge from the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training, in this publication. The author is discussing how education and learning needs […]