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Keep even the newest malware out of your business with the power of machine learning – Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection

information security illustration - Stripe OLT

If you’re in charge of keeping malicious software out of your organisation, you know that even the best anti-virus and spam filters won’t always catch every single dodgy email. Previously, anti-virus and malware filters only recognised malware that had already been identified and logged by cybersecurity experts, which means that there was always a time lag […]


Data in the cloud? You still need to think about business resilience

Hybrid Cloud diagram

‘We’re fine – all our data is in the cloud’. Have these words ever come up in conversations about your organisation’s business resilience? Cloud is often touted as the magic solution to many business challenges, offering flexibility and agility for a fraction of the cost of running your own hardware, as well as protection against […]


Not thought about business resilience yet? Start here.

Carlisle Floods at Tesco - photo credit ad551 via Flickr

(Photo credit: ad551 via Flickr) We’re thinking about business resilience this week – and with the recent severe floods in Cumbria and Scotland, I imagine we’re not the only ones. We’ve had lots of experience helping our customers deal with all sorts of disasters, and know that technology can be a big factor in helping […]


One of the reasons we love Outlook 2016


The latest version of Outlook has lots of nifty new features, but some of the ones we love best are the tiny tweaks that speed up everyday tasks. One we particularly like has changed what happens when you want to attach a file to an email. Clicking the paperclip doesn’t just open the normal file browser: instead […]


Join our London team – we need a dynamic Account Manager


We’re hiring! Following the departure to warmer climates of our lovely Account Manager, we’re looking for someone equally dynamic, committed and customer-focused to join the London team. Our Account Manager is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with all our customers, ensuring that the service they receive is second to none and that all their […]


Are you our next Infrastructure Engineer?

Chepstow Stampede

We’re on the hunt for a new Windows/Infrastructure Engineer to join our team in London – could this be you? Don’t let the picture put you off – you don’t have to wear purple headgear on a regular basis, but you do have to be personable, friendly and committed to top quality customer service. This […]


Which business services belong in the cloud?

Diagram to represent hybrid cloud infrastructure

A common question from the businesses we encounter is this – which of my business processes and services should I move to the cloud? As discussed in previous posts, we find that for most growing businesses, there is no such thing as moving the entire business to the cloud. Instead, it’s a question of identifying […]