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Technology for sustainable businesses

Creating a sustainable business

  65% of people around the world want to work for an organisation with a powerful social conscience. PwC Future of Work – A journey to 2022 The days of greenwash are over – sustainable business is about so much more than just recycling paper. Being a sustainable business can have a real positive impact on your bottom […]


Do you know where your data is?

Five priorities for your growing business - download the Stripe OLT white paper

  No matter how much you have of it, data is not information. It’s only useful information for your business if it’s collected, stored and interpreted correctly. Make sure it’s protected: against accidental deletion or loss, but also against being accessed or used by people outside the organisation. Collect Data should exist in one place only […]


Growing businesses need processes

Stripe OLT illustration of streamlined processes by TinCat Design

It’s one of the perils of growth – the bigger your business gets, the more it will cost you to be inefficient. The costs stack up not just in lost time, but also in employee frustration and the potential for error. Your IT infrastructure is a critical area where efficient processes can make a huge […]


Computer says yes: Four tech tips to smooth out the road to growth

Man ironing to represent smoothing out the road to growth

Like true love, the path to business growth never does run smooth: whatever your business vision, the journey towards it is made up of a multitude of steps and iterations. You might think keeping your technology up to date is yet another obstacle to growth, involving lengthy projects and expensive downtime, but it doesn’t have to […]


Why we’ve committed to being a Living Wage Employer

Stripe OLT is now a Living Wage Employer - logo

It’s official – we’ve gone through the accreditation process, got our plaque through the post, and we are now a Living Wage Employer.  But what does it mean to be a Living Wage employer, and why have we taken the time to do it? The Living Wage commitment means that all our permanent employees will […]


Are your people focusing on what’s important to your business?

Illustrated people to represent blog post on using people more effectively by Mark Dale, Director at Stripe OLT

“Another reason for optimism about demand for human workers is that, increasingly, they provide the competitive edge. “ This sentence jumped out at me the other day. It’s from an essay by Steve Bainbridge from the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training, in this publication. The author is discussing how education and learning needs […]


A great morning at the Go Green Business Breakfast

Stripe OLT Director Edmund Davis presenting at the Go Green Business Breakfast 29 April 2015 Bristol Zoo

One of our directors Edmund Davis made an appearance at the Go Green Business Breakfast yesterday, talking about achieving greater energy efficiency through technology. There were some great speakers at the event, including SolarSense discussing how Bristol Zoo is generating its own energy from solar panels, and Matt Gitsham from Sustain with some really useful, […]