Keep even the newest malware out of your business with the power of machine learning – Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection

information security illustration - Stripe OLT

If you’re in charge of keeping malicious software out of your organisation, you know that even the best anti-virus and spam filters won’t always catch every single dodgy email. Previously, anti-virus and malware filters only recognised malware that had already been identified and logged by cybersecurity experts, which means that there was always a time lag […]


Keeping the creative industry running with reliable IT

creative desk

The creative industries earn the UK £9.6m every hour, and one in 11 of all UK jobs now falls within the creative economy. Those are some pretty big wheels to keep turning, and perhaps more than any other industry, the creative economy relies on its technology. Whether it’s specialist video editing software, job management systems […]


Reducing plastic and going greener

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One afternoon last year, as we were trying to fit all our plastic bottles into our recycling box, we decided enough was enough and embarked on a mission to drastically reduce our plastic bottle usage in both our offices. As many of our employees drink sparkling water, we were previously providing bottled still and sparkling […]


Supporting creative growth at OTM (Case Study)

OTM Insight page on website

OTM is a leading brand and communications agency based in the heart of London, working with prestigious clients such as ITV, RBS, BOC, Cartoon Network and Britax. We have worked with OTM since 2007 as their fully outsourced IT suppliers, supporting their growth by planning and managing all their technology infrastructure. “The Stripe OLT team […]


Rise of the machines? New research from McKinsey


As technology keeps evolving, more and more attention is being paid to the question of whether robots will be taking over our jobs in the near future – and what we will do if and when they do. Focusing on this issue, McKinsey recently published the results of their research into which sectors and roles […]


Control shadow IT – or embrace it?


This week, we’re trying very hard not to think about the EU referendum, despite it being all anyone is talking about. So rather than discussing the relative merits of whether we should be voting in or out, who did best on the debate, and which campaign has behaved badly, we thought we’d distract ourselves from […]