Supporting growth in the creative industries

The creative industries earn the UK £9.6m every hour, and one in 11 of all UK jobs now falls within the creative economy. Those are some pretty big wheels to keep turning, and we know that the creative economy relies extensively on its technology.

We've been supporting the creative industry for nearly twenty years - first as in-house IT managers for some great brand and digital agencies (hello OTM and Oyster Partners!) and now as consultants and outsourced IT providers to today's fast-growing creative companies.

So we know that you need to integrate a vast range of services, software and data management tools into a coherent whole to keep your agency running smoothly.

The Stripe OLT team are our go-to people for everything technical. They completely understand our business, which means they offer us excellent strategic advice as well as supporting our day to day needs.

David Childs, OTM Director

Why choose Stripe OLT?

  1. Long-standing experience of working in and with leading creative agencies
  2. Seamless integration with your in-house IT team
  3. Fast, reliable response
  4. Staffed by human beings who make a swift analysis of issues and find a solution with little to no downtime
  5. Long track record of successful office moves, whether between locations or internal
  6. In-depth knowledge of industry software such as Paprika and Pro-Ad

Key challenges for the creative industries

The creative economy is growing fast, with the UK predicted to become a leading hub for the world’s creative industries within a generation, according to the CBI. Creative roles generated £17.9bn of exports during 2013 alone.

Industry experts are clear that high quality technical infrastructure is vital to this continued success, with improved broadband access and speed essential to support an industry that often works with large files and significant amounts of data.

It is also a highly mobile, flexible and changeable industry, posing many challenges for IT professionals ranging from collaboration and networking, to internal processes and a vast range of software and applications. Furthermore, large numbers of freelancers and contractors make it one of the principal drivers of the gig economy, posing issues of security, access and speed.

How we can help

  • Optimising your internet speed and reliability
  • Bespoke data storage and backup systems to deal with large files while maintaining efficient performance
  • Disaster recovery
  • Flexible office infrastructure
  • Software and processes – keeping everyone working as efficiently and productively as possible
  • Mixed Mac and PC networks, with high numbers of mobile devices
  • BYOD and security

Case Studies

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