Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery's bigger, more strategic brother, Business Continuity requires an in-depth understanding of your business in order to plan how to keep it running in any eventuality.

Key Benefits?

  • A clear strategy for maintaining your business operations in any eventuality
  • Complete alignment between your business priorities and your infrastructure

Who is it for?

Any business that needs to think strategically about how to manage crises.

Factors outside your control, such as the weather, can have a dramatic impact on your business, and it’s vital to understand how your technology can support you in a crisis, large or small.

However, it’s also crucial to take a proportionate approach, as not every employee, system or site needs the same level of support.

How does it work?

Our consultant will work with you to understand your business needs and priorities, and categorise your systems by level of importance. We will help you identify your business critical systems, people and functions and plan support and processes to keep them running in the face of adversity.

Our focus will be on your business priorities and budgets, ensuring that you are spending money where it’s most appropriate. 

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Stripe OLT’s greatest strength is their ability to understand our business requirements, and advise on infrastructure that complements our business strategy
Matthew Holland, Energy and Power