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Windows 10 – what does it mean for you?


Microsoft unveiled some aspects of its new version of Windows this week, surprising everyone by calling it Windows 10 and missing out 9 completely.

Adoption rates for Windows 8 have been low across the board, which means many businesses might in time be making the leap straight from 7 to 10. So it’s a good thing that Microsoft seems to be trying to make this new version familiar to users of both 7 and 8.

So far they’ve focused on the enterprise aspects, and will be revealing more and more as time goes on, but there’s a few highlights that will be of interest to the end user.

Those of you that found the lack of Start Menu in Windows 8 confusing will be pleased to see that it’s back in this new version. There’s also a lot of emphasis on multi-tasking, and being able to switch windows and desktops easily – for anyone who’s used a Mac, it feels a bit like the Mac’s screen rotation.

Looking at the enterprise level features, most of the interesting ones have been available since Windows 7 but have not been taken up well by businesses as yet. The ones we like are things like Direct Access, which gives you secure remote access to your network without a VPN, and Remote Application Publishing.

There’s lots of coverage of the launch out there, we’ve put a couple of useful ones below – we’re going to be playing with the Tech Preview over the coming weeks which will give us a better idea of what this means for our clients.

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