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Are you prepared for Bring Your Own Device?


BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is here and it’s here to stay – 82% of companies in one survey said their employees were allowed to use their personal devices in the office.

And there are good reasons to embrace it – 74% of IT leaders believe that BYOD helps employees become more productive.

But higher expectations around speed and reliability, plus the extra bandwidth from mobile devices, mean your current wireless network is going to struggle to deliver the performance you need – so getting the productivity benefits of BYOD requires proper planning.

Gartner identifies some key concerns around BYOD for any organisation:

  • Reliability and performance – can your wireless network cope with the additional demands of mobile devices running all sorts of complex applications?
  • Security – data leaks, protecting your networks, and devices being stolen or going missing are just some of the worries.
  • Compliance and regulations – how do you make sure you’re not in breach of laws around data security or payment processing?
  • Managing mobile devices – How can you manage the multiplicity of devices belonging to different types of users at any one time?

Although these may seem daunting, new wireless technologies using co-ordinated access points can give you centralised control, configuration and monitoring so you can manage your entire network automatically. This allows you provide world-class secure connectivity to your users – whether they’re your employees, your customers or visitors just passing through your offices.

We partner with Cisco Meraki, whose products allow you to manage your network and all the devices on it through a robust cloud-based tool. You can see who is using your network, and set controls to limit which applications and resources they can access. You can secure your company data, and set passcodes or the ability to wipe data remotely to protect yourself from leaks. And you can push content and apps out to any number of devices on the network seamlessly, ensuring that your users are kept up to date.

Just as importantly, your users get fast, reliable high-capacity wireless performance, improving employee productivity or your customers’ experience of your services.

For more information, talk to Technical Account Manager Tom Robbins on 020 7043 7044, or read about how Cisco Meraki made a significant difference to our client Medium UK.


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