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Thirteen Big Bugs to hit Bristol


Don’t start packing your survival rucksack and fleeing for the hills just yet – this invasion is a friendly one. We’ve been the technology partner for Bristol Zoo Gardens for ten years now, and to celebrate this wonderful partnership, we’ve sponsored a giant animatronic bug at the attraction of the year: the Big Bugs exhibition.

Thirteen huge and incredibly life-like animatronic Big Bugs will make the Zoo their home for six months this summer, offering budding Bug Rangers, old and young, the chance to get up-close to amazing, moving, hissing, and even water-spraying bugs.

Bristol Zoo Gardens Big Bugs exhibition - Stripe OLT sponsors Bombardier Beetle

We’ve chosen the Bombardier Beetle as the one we’re supporting – after all, who could fail to love the 12-foot animatronic version of a beetle that sprays hot acid out of its abdomen? Very cute and cuddly, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Come and see all thirteen of the Bugs from 28 March until 6 September – we’re sure our Beetle would love to see you!



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