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How are we doing?


Believe it or not, technology isn’t the most important part of our job. What we’re really interested in is what technology does for our clients, enabling them to run their business effectively – which means that getting their feedback on how we’re delivering our service is vital.

We’ve always canvassed opinions informally on our work from customers, but today we’ve taken it a step further by introducing some friendly faces to our service desk.

When we’ve solved a problem for our customers, we close the service ticket they raised with us – and from now on, that means customers will get an email asking them to rate our service using the three little faces above. We know our clients are busy people and want to get on with their day, so giving feedback is as simple as clicking one of the icons to tell us if the work was Good, Bad or OK.  If they’ve got a bit more to say, they can go on to a web page to add comments as well.

We’re hoping this will help us to identify anything we’re getting wrong, as well as celebrating when we get it right. But even if you haven’t got a service ticket to comment on, don’t hold back – we’re always happy to hear from people about our service, or about their business challenges. Why not drop us a line at

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