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Keeping it green and fruity


We recently joined the Go Green Network, part of Bristol’s 2015 European Green Capital initiative, and it’s given us a real push to make us, and our clients, more sustainable.

If you want to find out how to make your technology more energy efficient, our Director Edmund Davis is speaking at the Go Green Breakfast on 29 April, at Bristol Zoo – why not pop along and hear from him and other Go Green Network members SolarSense, Sustain Ltd and Bristol Water.

Back in the office, though, we’ve been making some small changes that can add up to a lot.

Healthy staff

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The majority of our people either walk or cycle into work already, but now we’re helping them stay healthy with free fruit available at all times from local suppliers Fruit Me! We get rather excited on a Monday morning when Ross from Fruit Me! hand delivers our fruit basket. Apparently healthy snacks not only help boost morale but it has been proven to increase productivity, so everybody wins.

Some of our staff have also made the most of the Cycle to Work Scheme to get a state of the art bike at a reduced price. Now that’s an incentive.

We try and encourage people to eat their lunch outside or in the kitchen breakout area rather than at their desks, so they return to their desk refreshed, and some of them are so disgustingly healthy they even go for walks and runs at lunchtime. The smug lycra factor is pretty high but all this healthy living means less sickness and absence, which can have a knock on effect on stress for the rest of the team.

Energy efficiency

We’re getting quite addicted to monitoring our energy use by taking weekly meter readings and seeing if we can beat last week’s score. Some measures to do this are very simple – opening windows instead of switching on the air conditioning, for example. We’re also being much more careful about switching everything off when it’s time to go home – as a tech company we have a LOT of things plugged in all the time, so this can make a big difference.

When it comes to our clients, we’re making sure that when we recommend hardware or equipment, we take its energy efficiency into account. Advances in disc technology and server hardware means you can make big savings by picking the right kit – Edmund will be talking more about this at the Go Green Breakfast.


We’ve got some bigger challenges to take on in our Go Green Action Plan, including looking at our resilience as a business, but for now we’re feeling like we’ve made a good start. We’re looking forward to speaking to other companies in the Go Green Network to get some other ideas and suggestions.

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