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Business continuity case study: what happened when our own offices flooded


It’s often said that doctors are the worst at taking their own advice, and you might think this also applied to IT people.

So when our business continuity and disaster recovery processes were tested in January, we were delighted that they came up trumps.

NYE floods wipes out Bristol office

On New Year’s Eve, 50,000 litres of water poured into our newly refurbished Bristol office overnight from a burst water pipe, flooding our main communications cabinet and completely destroying all the floor level cabling and the meeting room floor. Apart from the heartbreak of the brand new décor being ruined, all our connectivity (fibre broadband, telephones etc) was completely cut off by the water.

However, this incident did not cause us any downtime or business interruption. All our business processes, email and data are held in the cloud, which meant staff could work from home without any compromise – the main telephone number was rerouted to the London office and our phone system meant staff could be reached at home on their usual direct lines without any interruptions.



We restored our fibre internet connectivity within two hours so staff were able to use the office again even though the carpet had not yet been replaced – in fact the only item still outstanding is two pairs of shoes, belonging to directors Ed and Mark, that had been left on the floor and suffered fatal water damage.

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