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We are teaming up with Bristol Zoological Society to support wildlife conservation


This September, the Bristol and London Stripe OLT teams will join forces to take part in Bristol Zoological Society’s Three Peaks Challenge, which involves climbing 3 of the most iconic mountains in Wales in a single day!

So why have we decided to test our limits in such a way?

We have been the technology partner for Bristol Zoological Society  for ten years now, looking after both Bristol  Zoo Gardens and Wild Place Project in terms of technology infrastructure, and we love to get involved with their educational and conservation projects too. Earlier this year, we sponsored a giant animatronic bug at the attraction of the year – the Big Bugs exhibition – so when we heard about the Giraffe House Appeal, we knew we wanted to contribute to its success.

This time around the story centres on Gerry the giraffe. Gerry and his cousins in Africa are in serious trouble, with giraffe numbers dropping dramatically, from 140,000 to less than 80,000 in just 15 years. There are now fewer giraffe left in the wild than African elephants.

Wild Place Project, a part of Bristol Zoological Society, aims to protect the giraffe by building a Giraffe House for Gerry and his friends and consequently safeguarding the giraffe population currently in human care alongside a sustainable population in the wild.

In order to make this a true community effort, Bristol Zoo has extended the Three Peaks Challenge, which aims to raise the funds required to build Gerry’s new home in the Wild Place Project, where he and his friends will be joining the zebra and eland already residing in the ‘Edge of Africa’ exhibit.

To meet team Stripey Giraffe head along to our fundraising page, and don’t forget to donate generously!

For more detailed information on Bristol Zoo’s plans and the reasons behind this work please click on this link:

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