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Case Study: Moving Elevation Sales to its new offices


“We were growing rapidly and starting to run out of office space”, says Beatrice Cura from Elevation Sales. The company is a leading sales consultancy for the DVD and Blu-ray entertainment industry, and has seen dynamic growth over the last 10 years.

“We had gone from 3 people to 19, and had to move offices” explains Beatrice. “We were not looking forward to the disruption of the move at all, but Stripe OLT made it all run incredibly smoothly.”

We worked with Elevation Sales to plan the move right down to the last detail, ensuring that every aspect was taken care of in the lead up to the move itself.

“The key to a successful move is always planning” explains Stripe OLT director Alex Eley. “We worked with all Elevation’s suppliers to make sure that on day one they had full access to their network, internet and phone systems.”

The staff at Elevation left their office at the usual time on a Friday, and on arriving at the new office on Monday morning, they were able to start work extremely quickly. We moved all the hardware over the weekend and made sure all the services were up and running, ensuring that everything was ready for the next working day.

“The Stripe OLT team was on site early on the Monday morning to get everyone working” says Beatrice. “We had a minor hiccup with the user names but it was sorted so quickly that it made no difference to our day. Stripe OLT monitored everything really closely to make sure everything went smoothly.”

“We’ve been working with Elevation for a number of years while they’ve seen some really rapid growth, so it was a pleasure to move them into their new home” concludes Alex. “It’s always good to work with such a dynamic and growing business.”


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