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Seven signs your business needs an (outsourced) Chief Technical Officer


Is an outsourced CTO what’s missing from your business?

A Chief Technical Officer (CTO)? You might not think you need one of those yet – that’s the sort of role you find in large enterprises with a full set of executive officers. In fact, the services and responsibilities of a CTO are essential to any business that’s serious about growth, no matter what its current size – and it could be an outsourced CTO.

Some telling signs that you could do with a CTO

1. Your business is growing fast and your IT isn’t keeping up
Growth is fantastic – but if your systems can’t keep up then you’re going to start letting your customers down through no fault of your own. A CTO will help you plan for growth so your IT is always one step ahead of you.

2. Your IT infrastructure keeps failing and every time you fix one problem, another one pops up
A sure sign of an infrastructure creaking at the seams is constant unrelated problems popping up: this can get very expensive in terms of downtime and maintenance costs. Fixing the problems will keep you working in the short term, but a CTO will think strategically about how to stop them happening at all.

3. You need to make some major decisions about platforms or enterprise software and to make sure they’re right for the whole organisation
As you grow, you’re going to need to think about what platform your business needs today – and what it will need tomorrow. And if you’ve got different teams making their own buying decisions, you can end up with an expensive mess. A CTO will look across the whole market to find the best solutions for your business, and ensure that every team’s needs are met in the most efficient manner possible.

4. Your people want to use their own mobile devices on your network, and you’re not sure whether you need to worry about security
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is an increasing headache for employers – but a good CTO will put in place a strategy that turns it into a source of advantage for you, ensuring your employees have the best of all worlds to work with.

5. You’re expanding into new markets and need to work out how your network can cope
Going international is a huge step but can be incredibly beneficial to your business. Make sure your networks are properly set up and you’ve got support in all your markets by using a good CTO to plan your IT expansion.

6. You’re starting to worry about your data security and/or whether you’re at risk of cyber crime
With increasing use of cloud services, more and more data is at risk from hacking and security breaches. Your CTO can make sure your network and business-critical data are secure, and your clients can rest assured that their information is safe with you.

7. You need to comply with security or industry standards and are not sure where to start
There are many companies offering help with compliance standards, such as PCI/DSS for companies who take card payments. A CTO will know which ones you need to comply with, how best to approach them, and ensure that your internal policies and standards are up to date.

We know that hiring a full-time CTO of your own can be a little expensive – so we offer outsourced CTO and Managed IT Services to fast-moving businesses in Bristol, London and internationally. We can work alongside your current IT team to provide strategic consultancy and planning, or offer you a full range of outsourced IT services. To see how we can help your business grow, speak to Mark Dale on 0117 9745179 or email

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