Supporting Aid Box Community. Could you help with their IT project?


Aid Box Community is a Bristol-based charity that provides Bristol’s asylum seekers and refugees with a safe haven to relax and socialise, as well as access to a ‘free shop’ where they can choose from a huge variety of high-quality donated clothes, shoes, household items, furniture and other essentials that will help them live more comfortably as they settle in Bristol.

The original idea for this IT project came from a group of Bristol University students who (supported by mentors at Burgess Salmon) developed a proposal to work with companies to collect unwanted laptops and PCs, refurbish and reformat them, and pass them on to refugees and asylum seekers.

The problems faced by refugees and asylum seekers

Refugees are permitted to work in the UK, but asylum seekers can wait for up to 10 years as their application gets processed. During this time, they cannot work, are unable to access education (unless the education is offered by charitable organisations or they can afford to pay) and often live in very poor conditions. They may also be moved on every year by the council, which affects schooling for children and causes a whole host of resettlement issues.

Both asylum seekers and refugees have often endured unimaginable stress and trauma before arriving in the UK, but their struggles don’t end on arrival – most then face significant financial, housing and language difficulties. In addition to these practical problems, many refugees and asylum seekers feel very isolated, particularly as it is very difficult for them to stay in contact with their loved ones in their home country or elsewhere in the UK.

What is Stripe OLT doing to help?

We are supporting Aid Box Community by donating computers and laptops that are surplus to requirements. These are reformatted and passed on to those who need them. This computer equipment is a lifeline for many and allows them to:

  • stay in touch with their families and friends in other parts of the world;
  • access sources of charitable support;
  • keep up-to date with current affairs and other interests;
  • apply for jobs (if they are eligible to work);
  • support their children with schoolwork and ongoing learning.

How can you help?

If you have any unused equipment like laptops, Macs or mobile devices, and would be happy to pass these on to refugees and asylum seekers who really need them, please get in touch with Aid Box Community via their website.

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