Meet the Team: Chris Empson, Business Development Executive


We’ve recently had an influx of new starters here at Stripe OLT, so we thought we’d introduce them to you with a little Q&A session. First up, Chris Empson, our new Business Development Executive!


So Chris, tell us a little bit about yourself, where did your professional journey begin and how did you end up here?

I left school at 18 and after a year at Plymouth University I decided it wasn’t for me, so instead joined the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Business Banking division and spent two years working with start-ups. During this time I got to understand the market, write business plans to secure lending and ultimately help grow businesses. I did this for two years before leaving the country for another year to teach English in China, Korea and eventually Cambodia. On my return to the UK, I decided to join a re-seller and solution provider just outside of Bristol, since then I’ve worked for a Cloud Service Provider in London, and have now returned to Bristol to work for Stripe!


You’ve certainly had a good few experiences then! Achieve anything noteworthy during this time? Climbed any mountains? Metaphorical or physical…

I actually learnt to scuba-dive a couple of years ago, which was an amazing experience, I’d highly recommend to anyone who loves the sea! I also once ate a triple cheeseburger in under thirty seconds… Definitely a physical achievement.


Maybe not so much an achievement as it is a party trick, but we’ll let you have that one. So, back to business then, why did you choose Stripe OLT?

Well, they chose me! But in all honesty I really liked the energy that came across when I was interviewed, everyone at Stripe is extremely focused, knowledgeable and passionate. For me that makes a great combo and a great business. I feel like I’ve joined at a really exciting time!


We think so too! So what will your day-to-day entail then?

My day mostly consists of meeting up with prospects and clients, building relationships and driving business for the territory. I love my job and I love the momentum it requires, no day is the same when you’re working in business development!


Certainly not! Outside of work what do you like doing?

I’m a massive film geek and love Scorsese and the Coen Brothers, beyond that I love getting along to gigs as often as I can. I took my dad to see Eric Clapton, Santana and Steve Winwood last year, it’s been a dream of ours since I was a nipper!


Big music fan then! So final question, if you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be?

Tom Petty; he had an unreal voice until the day he died and boy could he write a tune! He was the soundtrack to my childhood, so I’d have to buy him a beer for that. If Tom’s not around, I’d like to meet Stanley Kubrick, but let’s be honest, he was a bit of a grump by all accounts!


An interesting insight there into the mind of Chris Emspon, fan of burgers, good music and travelling! Next up, Daryl Williams, our new Senior Engineer… Keep your eyes peeled!

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