Cyber Security

Cyber Essentials


Cyber security is a hot topic and any business can be at risk, which is why it pays to protect your organisation. Good cyber security not only keeps your business safe, it helps your clients and customers feel more secure in working with you.


Key benefits

  • Keep your cyber security up to date and relevant by finding and fixing any threats and weaknesses in your current policies.
  • Peace of mind for you and your customers that your online security is in place and is up to date.
  • Compliance and assurances when tendering for contracts.
  • Industry standard policies for each member of staff to understand and follow
  • Affordable accreditation for businesses of all sizes, recognised throughout the UK.
  • Insurance underwritten by Lloyds against cyber attacks.
  • Accreditation complete within three months

Who's it for

  • Any type or size of business that takes cyber security seriously and would like to put approved procedures in place can take part in the Cyber Essentials scheme.
  • Any business that would like impartial specialist testing of their current security policies.
  • Most tenders will ask what you’re doing to keep information safe, so if you’re regularly producing tenders this accreditation can show you have the appropriate controls in place.
  • If you’re applying for central government contracts, you will need to be accredited.
  • If you’re not producing tenders, you may still want to put procedures and controls in place to protect your business and your clients’ information.

Why StripeOLT?

The work we do is recognised by the UK government as a Cyber Essentials consultancy.

We’ve worked with many different types of business to guide them through the Cyber Essentials accreditation process.

Thanks to our specialist expertise around cyber security policies and controls, our clients trust us to keep them secure.

What’s Involved?

  • Registration -We will do this for you. From this point, we’ll have three months to get you compliant.
  • Preparation – We’ll use standard submission questionnaires, along with detailed reviews and guidance on the application process.
  • Workshop – We’ll go through your responses in a workshop and test your policies for weaknesses and gaps.
  • Gap Analysis – We’ll provide you with a report showing the weaknesses and concerns we found during the workshop and preparation, along with recommendations on how to fix them.
  • We’ll work with your IT team to update your policies and controls as recommended by the scheme and other Information Security standards such as ISO 27001.
  • We’ll guide you through the submission process to make sure nothing is missed.
  • Within a few working days, your submission will be assessed and you’ll be accredited. The certificate will need to be renewed annually to ensure you stay up to date. Please be aware that the questions will change each year.



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